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i get by with a little help from my friends

We have come to understand how valuable it is to build quality relationships with our clients. Building projects that represent the vision of those we work with needs to be attentive and intuitive. We understand that it is vital to achieve those goals. This value is why we have friendly working relationships with our clients over many years of working together.

Why Relationship Matters

Consider this: The best way to develop a quality project is for all working parts to flow together nicely. Nobody likes to work with people who see their project as just another job or something uninteresting. That only creates an awkward distance and communication breakdown. There must be a healthy relational environment for open dialogue since innovation works best when all parties are excited and navigate ideas freely.

Often when a new project is underway, there is evolution at some level of how things progress. The back and forth dialogue in a motivating environment stirs creativity and brings out the best ideas from those involved. In other words, when we view those we work with as a real relational connection, that approach changes the working process making for a successful project.

Consideration and Professionalism

Another thing that happens in a considerate relational environment is that the people we work with are real people with real interests and vision. When we see our constituency as friends and not just responsibilities, we take extra care and consideration in how we treat them and talk to them. The golden rule of “treat others as you want them to treat you” applies here.

We believe that integrity begins not with the project but with the people. With that approach in mind, anything is possible because we help people succeed and serve their interests. Something to consider is that the client’s direction can shift and change over time as their possibilities grow. The bottom line is to achieve higher business goals; there must be an ongoing process. A healthy relational environment understands that and goes on the journey as vision changes and the project develops. For Bedford+CO, most of our clients have been with us for many years. Over time we have built websites, helped create branding, brought in outside resources assisting businesses to flourish. Our core belief is that we are successful when our clients are successful.

True to Our Word

We also believe it is essential to keep a solid working relationship by following through with commitments. By this, we mean something more than fulfilling contractual agreements. When seeing those we work with as having more value than just financial opportunities, the atmosphere of trust and concern is authentic, producing focused concentration since we are all the project together. In short, followthrough is essential.

Friends Talk

We have been amazed at some working relationships’ open and transparent nature over the years. Sometimes there are great victories and successes to be celebrated and enjoyed. Other times there are tragedies and times of pain and sorrow. Sometimes, changes in a particular market or a person’s personal life demand a complete overhaul of a business approach. There is often a need to regroup and plan for a different season when these changes occur. Working out of a relational vibe is helpful to new seasons of challenge and opportunity.

As the world becomes interesting to navigater due to changes with Covid and business trends, those who work well with others can survive in cycles of change and even thrive if they are willing to. We believe working in a relational context is key to the nature of healthy business culture. As always, we are looking for new friends!