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we have a new site!

We have a new website! Since our last site was built over three years ago, it was time to refresh. As we look back from where we began, we have come a long way since starting in this business, and it is time to display our more seasoned approach to design. Our intent is to better demonstrate how we can serve your vision and business.

A little History

Four years ago, Bedford+Co started as a father and son team that saw an opportunity to provide a professional web design service. We started off with nothing more than a few laptops and a business license, driven by the desire to work with other businesses that could benefit from our talents and skills.

Indirectly, what initiated this venture was the frustration we faced with having a website for our local church. After a long season of contacting various web designers to get back to us or update our existing website with no response, we decided to learn how to build it ourselves! Once we had reasonably figured out how to do that, we began to run into other business owners experiencing the same frustrations. Seeing the need all around us, along with how much we enjoyed designing, we launched Bedford+Co. Four years and many websites later, we are building more than ever, enjoying the process of meeting new people as we help create their online vision.

A Little About Us

As stated on our website, Bedford+Co is a father and son team. For many years, Tom and Daniel Bedford wanted to develop a business where they could work together using their talents while sharing common lifestyle values. Since we are both creative types, we figured the best way to be a family team is to use our most innovative abilities in business. With our natural design abilities coupled with our core values of integrity and relational decency, we could provide the best services possible for our clients due to the internal business climate of Bedford+Co.

What We Offer

As stated on our website, we offer three primary areas of service. First and foremost, we are designers. We love to design! We believe that it must be pleasing to look at and be simple to use for a website to impact. The interface must be as intuitive and streamlined as possible while providing visual interest. We also keep up with current design trends so that your website never looks outdated.

The need for quality web design cannot be overstated. A few years ago, Google showed in their own research that it takes less than a second for the average user to decide what they think about a website by simply looking at the design, regardless of function. That information places a high value on a good web design. We are constantly amazed at the poor design quality of many websites we come across. Our belief is that if someone goes through the trouble of having an online presence, it should look good enough to capture the attention of those who took the time to go to their website.

Over the years, we have also learned that where a website is hosted has quite an impact on results. Hosting is simply the online/cloud space where a website sits to be accessed by users. If a site takes a long time to load or suffers from breaking down, or worse, gets compromised through being hacked, the owner of that website is at a considerable disadvantage. Because of this need, we sought out the best hosting platform we could find for WordPress-based websites (the only platform we offer) so that our clients had the fastest and most reliable hosting. This strength alone is enough to give any website the edge it needs to be competitive in the marketplace.

Lastly, we realize that some clients need their site to have constant updates to keep their users informed and participating. For some, it is easier to hire us to make those updates instead of learning WordPress and logging into their site to make those updates themselves. That is why we offer management packages. We can customize a package that fits any budget and needs to keep a website profitable.

We are glad to take our next steps to serve our clients with innovative websites that meet their goals and promote their vision. If you’re unsure what your vision is, but you know you need a better website, Bedford + Co can make that happen.